• Stainless Steel Welding 0.1 to 4mm
  • Mild steels 0.1 to 4mm
  • Aluminium 0.1 to 2.5mm
  • Inconel, Titanium and other alloys as per requirement



Laser Welding


  • For manufacturing of Bimetallic strips for different applications
  • Used in space and air craft industry, for welding of light gauge materials
  • Used in automobile industry for vehicle structure fabrication
  • Used for welding dissimilar material combination in the power generation, nuclear, chemical & transport industries.
  • Used for precision welding in medical & dental instruments.



Laser Welding is a non contact fusion welding process of joining of two or more similar or dissimilar metals by the application of heat generated by a fine focused spot of laser beam and ensure a precise, clean weld with a minimal heat affected zone.

Laser welding opens up many different configurations and innovative joint designs which were previously unachievable with conventional welding methods.

  • High weld strengths 
  • Low distortions and low induced stresses
  • High speed and very accurate
  • No filler wire required for most applications
  • Saves time, minimizes process steps, no wastage of materials
  • Enables light weight construction
  • Combination of materials can be joined
  • Welding critical components like titanium, nickel base alloys etc.
  • Very good joint strength
  • Very small HAZ
  • Aesthetic Welds
  • Better quality than conventional welding techniques