Strong metallurgical bond with minimal dilution.
   Better thickness control, eliminates waste of material
•    Higher hardness rate, longer life of the coating
•    Localised heat input ensures small heat affected                  zone(HAZ)
•    Cladding internals, various matls. Inconels, tung.                  carbides...
•    Robust and versatile process


Laser Cladding is a process in which a laser beam is used to melt the deposition material on another material which leads to a real metallurgical bonding between the deposit and the base material and improves the wear and corrosion resistance.

Laser cladding provides minimal dilution and a small heat affected zone when compared to conventional process and provides a metallurgical bond between the base material and the substrate unlike a thermal spray process where the bond is mechanical.


Laser Cladding offers many advantages over PTA

•   Low material consumption
•   Significantly longer life of the coatings
    Possibility of depositing different materials
•   Repeatability
•   Efficiency 
•   Reduction of Post Processing Expenses.

Laser Cladding

Technology comparison